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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mrs. X23 is now 29 weeks along with our child and she is doing mostly great. I say mostly because she can't find a comfortable position to sleep and she needs special care and feeding right about now. We've seen a few ultrasounds and 4D doppler scans of the baby and, if you haven't seen what technology can do these days in regards to pregancy, you're really missing out. We have an actual picture of our child's face. He (BabyX23 is a boy...he will go by the name of Eliot Louis X23) is healthy and growing and is apparently heading for a career as either a flamenco dancer or an ultimate fighter by the way he pounds on Mrs. X23's belly. The doctor says he should be coming along about the middle of July, right about the time Harry Potter 6 comes out...so I won't be reading that one for awhile. I'll try to scan Eliot's picture in for y'all soon.

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